What is it?

huh hello!!!!! :D this is my 1st fanlisting so..i sorry if its bad! email-me if something is wrong okay?

What is a fanlisting?

Simple! its a way to unite fans,well to enter you click the yellow button put ur email and name the website is optional and i will add u for the listing! after its u can Put any of ur buttons in ur website Social media or Spacehey,Soo...fanlistings are just To show that u are a fan just it!! :D

Its fanlisting..is about?

this a fanlisting dedicated for the luv of Shigeru and satoshi from pokemon more known as gary and ash every fan of this pairing can join!,i got its ideia when i realised that DONT EXISTED a fanlisting for this amazing pairing! so i did this fanlisting!!!

why this name?

Because of a music of the usa pokemon with the same name Im my opinion is the palletanthen i did its music hearing maddonna holiday but who wants to know its XD?